Our Team

Matt Wilson, CSA, CDP

Founder & Advisor

Matt has been a senior living industry professional for 20 years.
After seeing so many families struggle to make educated, prudent decisions to care for their loved ones, Matt was motivated to help. He created Arrow Senior Living Advisors to provide a team of advocates for seniors and guide families through what can be a challenging, stressful time.
Today, Arrow provides high-quality, compassionate, and free placement services for any senior in the Oklahoma City metro area, regardless of their situation or financial status. As the company’s founder, Matt manages day-to-day operations, works with existing clients, and oversees new client and business relationships in the area. His commitment to customer service has made Arrow one of Oklahoma’s top choices for senior placement and care.
If you would like to connect with Matt, he can be reached by email at matt@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call him directly at 405-388-2343.

Lori Crabtree, CDP

Lori began her career in senior services after a frustrating personal experience with a family member’s journey into senior housing. Learning so much along the way in that experience, she has compassionately dedicated herself to helping other families going through that same journey. Lori enjoys listening to seniors and their families and helping them understand the options and resources available to them.

If you would like to connect with Lori, she can be reached by email at Lori@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call her directly at 405-255-2540.

Charlie Redding, M.ED, CDP


Charlie takes pride in educating clients and families in a time of need. Charlie has more than 25 years of experience in the health care industry including Independent Living, Assisted Living, long-term care, acute hospital settings and home health care. He offers a level of knowledge and commitment needed to best serve patients and families with today’s health system. Charlie’s passion for supporting all clients is unwavering, but his love and respect for seniors is where his true happiness lies.

If you would like to connect with Charlie, he can be reached by email at Charlie@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call him directly at 405-805-1519.

Audrey Stehr


Audrey and her husband decided to raise their family in Arlington, TX because they love the friendly people and wonderful quality of life. Audrey has the privilege to continue assisting people by guiding seniors and their families to a new home that best accommodates their needs, while also maintaining their quality of life.

Audrey is very passionate about making this process as simple and stress-free as possible, as she has personally experienced the emotional challenges families face while helping their loved ones find the right assisted living community. Audrey and her dedicated team are here to support you through this process and help you make the best possible decision.

If you would like to connect with Audrey, she can be reached by email at audrey@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call her directly at 214-683-2119.

Kim Curlee, CDP

Kim has over two decades of experience in the senior living industry with a strong background in independent living, assisted living and memory care communities.  Kim is passionate about helping seniors and their families successfully navigate the complex journeys of aging, including making decisions receiving in-home care or transitioning to a senior living community. Kim is  instrumental in assisting seniors to find safe, viable living options based on physical, geographic & financial needs. She works closely with families to help determine the best choice for each individual situation.

If you would like to connect with Kim, she can be reached by email at kim@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call her directly at 806-438-6833.

James Robinson, LNHA, CDP

Des Moines, Iowa

James is an experienced former senior living leader with a proven track record in long-term care, assisted living, home care, and memory care. As a member of the Arrow team, he helps families navigate the complex world of senior living options with confidence and compassion. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and expertise, James assesses seniors’ psycho-social needs, healthcare options, and financial situations to provide personalized guidance and support. With a deep-seated passion for improving seniors’ lives, James whole-heartedly embraces Arrow Senior Living Advisors’ philosophy of caring for seniors with dignity, honor, and respect.

If you would like to connect with James, he can be reached by email at james@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call him directly at 515-508-9657.

Keli Robinson

Keli is an experienced and compassionate professional with a diverse background in real estate, hospitality, and teaching. Her unique skill set makes her a perfect fit for senior living placement, where her ability to listen attentively and understand individual needs shines through. Keli has a gentle approach that is deeply appreciated by older adults and their families. Her passion for helping others and her commitment to providing exceptional service is what sets her apart. She takes great pride in guiding older adults and their families through the often-overwhelming process of finding the perfect living situation.  

If you would like to connect with Keli, she can be reached by email at keli@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call her directly at 515-556-8053.

Bri Beil

Bri Beil, CLC


Bri is a dedicated advisor specializing in senior living placements at Arrow Senior Living Advisors. With a profound understanding of the unique needs and desires of older adults, Bri is passionate about helping seniors and their families find the perfect living arrangements that enhance their quality of life.

Drawing upon her background with extensive experience in the senior care industry having served over 35 communities spanning across 13 states, Bri offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise in navigating the complex landscape of senior living options. She recognizes that every individual has distinct preferences and requirements, and she takes a personalized approach to ensure each client’s specific needs are met. In addition to educating families, she has also found a love for helping them downsize and organize. Bri is a Certified Organizational Specialist™ and a Certified Life Coach.

If you would like to connect with Bri, she can be reached by email at bri@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call her directly at 484-707-3785.

Victoria Garcia

Victoria Garcia


Victoria is an experienced advisor specializing in senior living placements at Arrow. With a deep passion for improving the lives of older adults, Victoria is dedicated to helping seniors and their families navigate the complex process of finding the perfect living arrangement.

With her wealth of knowledge, compassionate approach, and unwavering commitment to serving the needs of older adults, Victoria is a trusted advisor at Arrow Senior Living Advisors. Families can rely on her expertise and guidance to navigate the complexities of senior living placements, knowing that their loved ones’ well-being is in capable hands.

If you would like to connect with Victoria, she can be reached by email at victoria@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call her directly at 505-469-7773.

Hannah Hill

Hannah Hill


Hannah has a passion for people that was exhibited by observing her parents care for seniors in her community as a child, and that has extended into her passion with Social Services and now as an Advisor with Arrow Senior Advisors. She is detail-oriented and thorough, which will help with placement of seniors who can benefit from the services with Arrow. She is an innovator who is always interested in better ways to serve seniors and create best practices to assure best outcomes. Furthermore, Hannah’s passion is assisting seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia and spending any extra time seeking to further understand the needs of each senior and their loved ones.

If you would like to connect with Hannah, she can be reached by email at, hannah@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call her directly at 918-829-6571.

Dr Garrett

Dr. Garrett Stacy


Garrett Stacy is a highly accomplished professional with a background in Physical Therapy and a passion for helping seniors lead fulfilling lives. With his expertise in both healthcare and senior living, he serves as a trusted advisor for Arrow Senior Living Advisors, providing invaluable guidance to families and seniors in making informed decisions about their senior living options.  

Garrett’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of seniors make him an asset to Arrow. Through his guidance, countless individuals and families have found peace of mind, knowing they have made the best choices for their loved ones’ senior living journey.  

If you would like to connect with Garrett, he can be reached by email at Garrett@arrowsenioradvisors.com or you can call him directly at 202-747-4224


Brenda Nelson

Outreach Liaison

Brenda Nelson is an accomplished Outreach Liaison at Arrow Senior Living Advisors, specializing in building strong relationships. With a keen understanding of the senior care industry and a passion for helping seniors find the right living options, Brenda plays a crucial role in connecting with professionals who assist individuals in their search for senior living solutions.

With years of experience and a deep network, Brenda excels at fostering partnerships with professionals such as healthcare providers, social workers, and elder law attorneys. Her exceptional communication skills and ability to understand the unique needs of each referral source allow her to effectively collaborate and provide valuable guidance.

If you’re a professional seeking a trusted partner in senior care, Brenda Nelson is the person you can rely on. With her expertise and genuine care for seniors’ well-being, she will work tirelessly to ensure that your clients receive the highest level of support and find the perfect senior living solution.


Kathryn Johnson

Accounting Manager

Kathryn Johnson is a seasoned professional, with a remarkable track record in accounting and financial management. Having earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oklahoma, Kathryn’s expertise in numbers and financial analysis is unparalleled. Her dedication to the well-being of seniors and her acute attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to the Arrow Senior Living team.

When she’s not immersed in her professional responsibilities, you can find Kathryn volunteering or participating in community initiatives that advocate for enhancing the lives of others. Kathryn Johnson stands as a beacon of trust, knowledge, and compassion.

If you would like to connect with Kathryn, she can be reached by email at Kathryn@arrowsenioradvisors.com.

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