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How to Detect the Early Signs of Mental Health Issues in Senior Adults

A report by the CDC reveals that around 20% of adults over fifty experience mental health issues. Some of the most common mental health problems seniors go through are depression, isolation, anxiety, and other types of mood disorders.

Unfortunately, mental health issues are underdiagnosed in aging adults; these illnesses usually accompany the debilitating chronic conditions they are going through. Identifying signs of poor mental health is important before it’s too late.

As caregivers, it’s crucial to ensure you’re looking after their physical and mental health and devising treatment plans that factor in all aspects.

Read this guide to learn how to detect signs of poor mental health in senior adults.

Are They Socially Isolating Themselves?

Assisted living communities host numerous social events and activities where different people engage with each other. If you notice someone gradually starting to lose interest in these activities or shutting themselves in their room for a long time, this could indicate a deeper issue.

Go to them and try to talk to find out what’s upsetting them. It’s important to be gentle and understanding when trying to get to the root cause of a problem.

Observe Changes in Appetite

One of the signs of poor mental health is a sudden change in appetite. The individual might start skipping meals and have sudden weight loss. This may indicate an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

Disorientation and Confusion

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Disorientation is when a person cannot recall their name, date, or time. This symptom is accompanied by many other symptoms like being unable to think with clarity, delirium, feeling restless and agitated, hallucinations, and aggressiveness.

This can also be caused by medications or trauma. Disorientation and confusion can be early signs of dementia.

How to Improve Mental Health in Senior Adults

One of the simplest ways of promoting a healthy mind in aging adults is through healthy and active aging. Make sure that their environment is safe and supports their well-being. Provide them with freedom and security, and ensure that you’re compassionate and understanding towards them instead of getting irritated.

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