Two people going for a walk.

Top Activities for Seniors to Stay Fit and Active

Finding a way to keep your aging loved ones fit and active is crucial for their health. Exercising and staying active is just as important in old age as it is when you’re younger.

Several reports reveal that staying active, even in your old age, can decrease the chances of getting heart disease, protect from type 2 diabetes, and boost overall health.

Whether you’re taking care of someone in an assisted living community or providing in-home care, here are some of the most beneficial evidence-based exercises for senior adults.

Going for a Walk

Two senior adults on a walk.

One of the simplest ways to stay active is to go for a walk. Walking can help senior adults feel more independent, strengthen muscles, improve balance and coordination, keep the joints flexible, raise stamina, and prevent diseases like osteoporosis.

Walking is also beneficial for someone who is feeling a little under the weather. This light exercise helps to boost mental health and minimize any symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Dancing with Friends!

Dancing is an extremely beneficial activity for a number of reasons. It boosts cardiovascular health, helps to build muscles, and reduces the chances of falls because of frailty. Dancing also helps release happy hormones that significantly amplify energy levels.

Chair Yoga

Many senior adults often find it difficult to move because of certain chronic health conditions. But sedentary seniors can start with chair yoga, enabling them to stretch their bodies and improve circulation. Chair yoga is perfect for people with limited mobility since it allows them to stay active and do breathing exercises without overexerting themselves.

Practicing Balance and Strength

Many senior adults commonly face issues with balancing. They have a higher chance of experiencing falls, especially if they’re going through chronic health conditions.

They can reduce the chances of falls by taking tai chi or yoga classes and lifting light weights to practice strength. This will help to tone their muscles, stay active, and manage stress symptoms.

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